Giannis Neokleous A little about me.


Who: Giannis Neokleous
What: Software Engineer, Technologist, Urbanite
When: Not too long ago
Where: New York, New York
Why: Curiosity


Good, now that they're gone let me properly introduce myself. My name is Giannis (pronounced Yannis) and I'm currently working as a software engineer at Knewton, making the world a better place, one recommendation at a time. I graduated from Stanford University with an MS in Computer Science and Stony Brook University with a BS in Computer Science and Applied Math and Statistics. I enjoy writing code and my main areas of interests lately are in the fields of distributed systems, large scale data processing and programming languages. Some of the frameworks and software I use include Hadoop, Cassandra, Zookeeper, SenseiDB, Storm and Kafka. I find all kinds of data interesting but I particularly enjoy social media data.

Before joining Knewton, I was at General Sentiment where I was dealing with hundreds of TBs, writing efficient code. Some of the things I worked on included re-writing the internal API, re-writing a big portion of the MapReduce code and dealing with the backend code for most of the products.

I also worked at eBay writing dynamic online optimization algorithms for increasing click-through-rates (CTR) at the daily deals page. A provisional patent was filed as a result of the work.

Not that long ago, I was also at Lehman Brothers working in the equities technology group.